Music Health Camp & Instrument Workshops

"Playing with Ease" is a new innovative project geared towards young musicians who are getting started on their professional career path. Based on a series of workshops from the "Musical Health Camp", its goal is to present and introduce the extended and complex concept of music education that doesn't exist in Balkans but is widely represented abroad. By introducing techniques that are new and unknown in our region, we are helping the psychophysical guidance and development of music students, improving their advancement and performance abilities, as well as extending their professional lifespan because they are often exposed to various physical injuries and discomforts.

Music is an art in which we create or interpret someone's idea, and we give a large part of ourselves. The best results are achieved by developing a sense of measure and harmony when we are able to express the most sincere part of ourselves, and when we manage to express all the previous work through our inner self. Reaching such focus is often a stumbling block when it comes to public appearances, numerous hours of practice, entrance exams, auditions or important performances. There is often stress, pain, uncertainty, stage fright... The key to success is learned techniques and methods that we can use in those moments. Our desire and the aim of the project are to introduce the benefits of this concept to a large number of students in our country and region.

Explaining a path of a professional musician is easily done if compared to that of a professional athlete. The concept is the same –it's just a different subject. This is not as well known here because of the lack of popularity and investment in culture and education, and that's why musicians are not treated as deserved. Many years of professional experience abroad and an awareness of the development and advancement of new technologies in education sparked the idea to organize such a camp in Serbia. In addition to traditional instrumental workshops, we teach students how to cultivate "what's inside you", to use and apply their own abilities in the best possible way, and to freely express their musical selves through various techniques and psychology practice.

We set the main part of the project in the "Ceptor" hotel on Fruska Gora, a jewel of nature in the vicinity of Novi Sad. It offers an ideal isolated natural location and facilities for such a program.

Musical Youth of Novi Sad (MONS), being one of the most influential cultural institutions in Vojvodina, responded generously as a project partner. They will perform concerts for the participants in Novi Sad within the "Summer of Music" festival, in different locations around town.

The program includes instrument courses for oboe, flute, and bassoon, in which they learn and apply the Aleksander technique (AT), yoga for musicians, and movement as an expression of the method "The 5Rhythm Movement". All workshops are lead by certified instructors who are internationally specialized and educated and have many years of work experience.

Instrument course teachers are leading soloists and professors from former Yugoslavia and the Balkans, who are active around the world. These include:

Matej Zupan (SLO)- Flute
Sanja Romić Dražić (SRB/SLO) - Oboe
Žarko Perišić (CRO) - Bassoon

Certified instructors for the Body & Mind program are:
Natalija Jović- Alexander technique
Milica Zorić - Serbian Yoga Alliance
Sandra Dimitrijević - The 5Rhythm Movement

Psychology workshops will be led by our renowned volleyball player, psychologist, and licensed athletic coach Andrija Gerić.

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