Peter And The Wolf Adventure (2014)

*adaptation for a wind quintet and an animated movie

»Peter and the Wolf« is an orchestral narrated story by a Russian composer Sergei Prokofiev whose aim is to educate children's musical taste from the very early age (4+).
In order to adapt to the economic situation in our culture, we decided to create a reduced version of the story, arranged for the wind quintet. Next to the originally included narrator, the story is followed by a 3D animated movie and presents an original approach. A conductor is present to synchronise the process. The author of the movie is Logan Susnick (USA), a prominent editor and visual artist with vast experience gained through collaborations in various productions both in Europe and America. Movie is created especially for this project. Performance starts with a presentation of each instrument and is followed by the story told by the narrator and visualised in the animated movie. This kind of a multimedia arrangement is economical, mobile, and in all aspects covers the idea and effects of the orchestral form. It is a unique media work that fulfills its educational purpose and follows media trends of the modern education.

The project was produced as a collaboration of the Culturale society Kvintart, wind quintet Quintologia, and Magnificanto Institute from Ljubljana.

Wind quintet Quintologia (Slovenia)
Narrator: Rok Kunaver (Slovenia)
Author of the animated movie – Logan Susnick (USA)

Conductor – M.Mus. Jelena Susnick (SRB/SLO)