Melodies of Nations (2015-2016)

CD Recording Project with International promotional concerts

The project »Melodies of Nations« is an international cultural project which is based around 650th Anniversary of the town of Novo mesto in Slovenia. It promotes the wealth of cultural and the international character of the town, wealth of music and intercultural dialog in a CD recording.

The project is an extension of the project Musical Postcard that was completed in 2012. It was focused upon three countries: Serbia, Slovenia and Ireland, promoting their performers and composers through their musical culture.
In 2015/2016 we have decided to continue with this innovative multicultural idea. Broadening our original idea through and extending the number of composers we involve in the project, we predominantly include new works from the contemporary composers commissioned by Sanja Romic Drazic and Fionnuala Moynihan- The Romic- Moynihan Duo. This way, we are representing different countries and their cultures. These new works will be interspersed with some favourite pieces from the classic oboe-piano duo repertoire also. It will be innovative and fresh. To stress this aspect we will also be using both poetry and art to highlight elements of certain pieces (several of the pieces are inspired by Irish, Serbian and Indian poems and verses of the great poets such as W.B. Yeats (IR) and Momo Kapor (SRB)). The CD will also include a piano piece by Bozidar Kos, a Slovene composer from Novo mesto, who died in 2015 year and has been given the title of 'honorable member of Novo mesto'. Highlight are new pieces comissioned specially for this occasion from British composer Nimrod Borenstein and Russian/ Canadian composer Airat Ichmouratov.
Composers and countries that will be included in the programe are: Miguel del Aquila (USA), Nimrod Borenstein (UK), Isidora Žebeljan (Serbia), H. Harty (Ireland), A. Adam (FR), Bjorn Hallman (Sweden), Felix Mendellsohn (DE), John Buckley (Ireland), Božidar Kos (Slovenia/Australia), Dejan Despić (Serbia), Airat Ichmouratov (CA), Vincent Kennedy (Ireland).

The project is kindly supported and helped by the Municipality of Novo mesto Slovenia, Krka d.d, Australian Music Centre. Cultural societies that will support promotional concerts in 2016 are: British Council Slovenia, Slovene Embassy in UK, Serbian Embassy in UK, Slovene- Irish Society Detelca from Dublin, Serbian Consulate Dublin – promotional concerts in Ireland; Slovene society Kredarica from Novi Sad (Balkan promotional concerts). Partners of the project are: Music school Marjan Kozina Novo mesto, Royal Irish Academy of Music, Dublin, St. Pat's College- Dublin, Maynooth University, Ireland.

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