An Evening With Wind Quintet Quintologia (2013)

With the aim of promoting classical music, getting it closer to the wider audience and helping people learn more about it in order to understand it better, we have initiated a different series of concerts at the Cultural center of Novo Mesto.

The »Art cafe« concept is an idea of a place with a relaxed atmosphere where people can hear professional music performances while enjoying a glass of wine, being in direct contact and interacting with the artists on stage. With this concept, we are keeping the listeners' attention, integrating them into the program, giving them an opportunity to ask what they are curious about or what they do not understand in the world of classical music. We try to show that classical music is not reserved for special people and special occasions. It is a part of everyday life and it finds its inspiration in it. Historically, we can hear it in our favorite movies, cartoons, and it was an inspiration for other musical genres. Therefore, it is a part of us. Understanding comes from knowledge, and this is we try to create a comfortable atmosphere for it.

Because we believe that the best education foundation is set in early childhood, we have organized a free concert, a workshop for the children of the DRPD Institute. This is an organization that helps integrate children of immigrants into new social surroundings. This way we are showing that music is a universal language that provides an opportunity to express one's personality wherever they are.