Oboe & Accordeon Duo (with Marko Hatlak)

Sanja Romić and Marko Hatlak started to collaborate when Sanja invited him to join the wind quintet Quntologia in the performance of Astor Piazzolla's works for a festival in Novi Sad. Recognizing the same musical sensibility, they continue to play together as and oboe and accordion duo.

It is a unique and rare combination of two instruments where they have discovered endless possibilities in the area of classical music and more. Starting their collaboration with the music of Astor Piazzolla and loving tango music in general (Marko playing it a lot, Sanja both playing and dancing the tango), it was only a beginning. Their repertoire also includes compositions from the baroque and genial J. S. Bach, through the romantic period of Gabriel Faure, Thais Maeditation, to modern pieces with elements of traditional Balkan music, as well as film music of Ennio Morricone. The grounds on which they selected their program is a reflection of their own character, influences of the places where they grew up, and the instruments they play. In Serbia and Slovenia, the accordion is considered a traditional instrument. The oboe is less known and mostly regarded as a purely classical instrument with limited possibilities. In this duo, Sanja and Marko break the boundaries and present diverse characters and musical colors of the two instruments in a unique sonic combination through which they express their music talents. With an excellent foundation of western classical music education, both Sanja and Marko are shaping all the pieces and painting them with their sensibility, spontaneously presenting it all to the audience, playing with it and above all, enjoying it. Watch out – one of them might start singing as well!