Romic-Moynihan Duo (Oboe & Piano)

*oboe and piano

Duo Romic-Moynihan was founded in 2012 by Irish pianist Fionnuala Moynihan and Serbian oboist Sanja Romic-Drazic. The girls studied together in the Franz Liszt Academy of Music in Budapest and it was here that their friendship began.

Fionnuala Moynihan is widely accepted as one of the most highly acclaimed Irish concert pianists of her generation in both the classical and classical-trad fusion genres. Oboist Sanja Romic-Drazic is currently principle oboe of the Belgrade Philharmonic living and working both in Serbia and Slovenia and enjoying a busy performing career.

Moved by the tradition of their own countries, full of traditional and classical music, Fionnuala and Sanja initiated their first project in 2012, ”Musical Postcard”. Their aim was to promote the Irish-Slovene-Serbian cultural connection. Their project was widely supported by governments and cultural institutions of all three countries. The series of performances they gave in all three countries were not only highly successful but also served to established their musical and performing styles and character on the international stage. Predominantly lyrical in nature Duo Romic - Moynihan performs repertoire ranging from the most celebrated works to the contemporary. Their performances range from the purely classical to traditional to a blend of classic-trad fusion. In this way both the classical and traditional cultures of their countries are represented in their concerts. Both Fionnuala and Sanja’s innovative and energetic interpretations combine and create a wonderfully appealing performance to music lovers both young and old. They focus on new and unknown pieces for oboe and piano. Highlights are ones composed especially for the Romic-Moynihan Duo by acclaimed composers such as Airat Ichmouratov (CA), and Nimrod Borenstein (UK).

To have such new and exciting repertoire composed for oboe and piano is quite a rarity as such duos are not the most common in today’s world. Fionnuala and Sanja believe it is time to showcase what a wonderful combination these two instruments can prove to be together and what a variety of pieces they can offer.